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FAQ for Custom Outdoor Kitchens


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Do I need Council Approval?

In some cases yes. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Outdoor Kitchen set up complies with local council and with Gas Regulations in your state.

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How long will my Kitchen last outdoors ?

Our kitchens are built to the highest specifications. They are made to withstand the elements BUT will show signs of wear just like any other outdoor furniture. Kitchens exposed to UV, heat, wind, rain, bird droppings will obviously start to fade and age normally just like any boat or motor
vehicle would if outdoors all day. Regular maintenance is essential, just like your indoor kitchen. Anyone that has a trolley stainless steel unit will know that although these are made to last outdoors, they too are prone to fading and deterioration of handles, plastic knobs etc. Your Kastell Outdoor Kitchen will last for years and look wonderful if cared for and maintained. Suitable waterproof overhead shade is required as any kitchen exposed to elements will not last as long and warranty will not cover an uncovered installation. It is fair to say that any outdoor material will eventually deteriorate…paint finishes to homes, sealer on timber decks, pool surfaces, table tops and chairs. Our kitchens are no different.

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Can I install outdoors in the open with no pergola cover?

You can, but Guarantee will be voided. We have many installed with no overhead cover and they are doing just fine out there BUT we cannot recommend as the UV, rain, dust etc will eventually take its toll on the kitchen and they are not designed to be in the rain.

OUR KITCHENS ARE WATERPROOF NOT WATERTIGHT so please beware that if rain reaches kitchen there will be chances of it leaking into cabinets as there are gaps for ventilation , gas hose holes and especially where BBQ sits area is not able to be sealed tight.

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What does the installation involve?

….if needed a check measure will be organized once we have signed plans

  1. Your plumbing and electrical will need to be roughed in in readiness for the cabinet installation
  2. Our Factory Manager will liaise with you regarding the delivery date – see SPECIFICATIONS page for approx Production times to allow
  3. The kitchen cabinets are delivered and installed – this usually takes about ½ day.
  4. We will leave your appliances, sinks and taps in their boxes to keep them safe until installation by your plumber and electrician ( if not part of our quote)
  5. The stonemason will contact you direct to organize a check measure of the stone top.
  6. The stone should be installed within 7-10 working days.
  7. Your plumber and electrician return to install appliances, sinks etc .We recommend you wait at least 24hrs after your bench top installation for all glues to dry before your tradesmen complete any plumbing or electrical works.
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Do you install the BBQ's, Fridge and other appliances?

In most cases no we don’t. Your quote only includes a handling and delivery fee for the appliances. The appliances are left in their original boxes for their protection until the stone is installed. The fridge needs to put into place after the power point is fixed to the interior of the cabinetry by your electrician. The BBQ is also put into place by the plumber as he will need to attach the gas to it. Taps are also installed by plumbers. The
sink is usually done by the stone mason but sometimes the plumber will do this as well. Kastell can though include a return trip if required to assist with the placement of appliances and removal of boxes at an extra cost. Just ask your designer.

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How long will my order take to be ready?

6-8 WEEKS from on site checkmeasure if required or 6-8 weeks from Kastell receiving signed plans if no checkmeasure required ,  unless other dates have been discussed with your designer – September to December there are longer process times due to it being a busier time. Complicated custom designs mayalso take longer to manufacture, especially if we are using new appliances that we have never built in prior. Your designer will explain what they think the timing will be for your kitchen

Things that can alter install times:

Stainless steel benchtops, stones that are not readily available, door colours that need to be colour matched, concrete benchtops, etc

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What stones can we choose for our tops?

We offer engineered stones which are beautiful and hardwearing. Please be aware though that most engineered stone companies (Caesarstone, Smartstone, Quantum Quartz etc) are NOT offering full warranties when kitchen is outdoors. In saying that, we have had very little problems especially when kitchens are installed under some sort of cover. If you are worried then choose a NATURAL stone like granite, which also is not guaranteed but may
last longer as it is a natural and not manufactured. Natural stone will still wear and age but will not have problems with resin discolouring over time. Natural stone is prone to staining though especially lighter colours.( Please read the “Natural Stone Fact Sheet”)

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How will my Electrician and Plumber know what is required?

We will provide them with Appliance specs and a “How To” leaflet which explains the procedure.

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What are the carcasses and interior cabinets made of ?

MARINE GRADE POLYMERS, UV resistant, water proof, heat proof, strong and durable

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What are the doors made from?

Toughened Glass – painted with metallic paints- some automotive- with aluminium frames
Italian Porcelain with aluminium frames
Acrylic – water resistant gloss finished doors
Perspex – with aluminium frame

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What are the drawer runners and inserts?

Blum stainless steel full extension runners with soft closing mechanisms & we include a grey plastic cutlery/utensil tray

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Can I have different handles?

Not really-we are happy with the Stainless handle we have chosen and it has proven to withstand the elements!

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Should I install an exhaust hood above my BBQ?

Not really if your area is classified as outdoor. Outdoor areas must have at least 2 open sides. The hood must be wider than your BBQ and wok burner. We rarely install exhaust hoods as most of our installations are in covered open areas. You must understand that if this is the case, the hood will be useless in removing air as there is crosswinds and air movement preventing efficient air suction.

The hood needs to be placed at a height of at least 1200mm above the open grill to prevent flames igniting any fats that accumulate in the hood.

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Can we supply our own appliances with the pre designed models?

Yes. Please note though….With the Pre-Designed models you must purchase the exact models we have designed into the range- tap excluded. A custom designed kitchen can be designed to suit any appliances but will incur a design fee. A handling fee may be charged for appliances not purchased through Kastell.

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I just want the cabinets etc and will supply my own stone- is that possible?


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What are the installation options?

Our outdoor kitchens are designed to be installed against a wall. Please speak to designer if you require alternative installation where a wall is not available.

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Is the product under guarantee?

Yes. Limited 2 Year- covers faulty workmanship & materials, not wear and tear.

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What does DIY kitchen mean?

  • DOORS- available in selected colours of Acrylic and Perspex only
  • BENCHTOP- One colour only at any given time
  • INSTALLATION- We can recommend some qualified installers if you don’t want to tackle on your own (Instructions are provided).
  • DELIVERY- We can recommend a few freight companies or come along with your Van or trailer
  • APPLIANCES- We can offer competitive pricing!
  • LEAD TIMES- on average 4-5 weeks during normal trading- could be longer  OCT-DEC – Kitchens are made to order!
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Can I hose around the Kitchen?

Yes…but beware of appliance damage and make sure you wipe dry after the hose. Would you hose inside your car?

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Does the Kitchen need any special maintenance?

Yes. You will be given instructions in your Care Pack after purchase. This is crucial for the maintenance of your beautiful kitchen. Warranty does not cover wear and tear or misuse.

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What does my flooring need to be?

Level and sturdy. Preferably level concrete or tiles / stone. The cabinets and stone are heavy and any movement in the FLOORING will cause damage – will not be covered under your guarantee. A concrete slab covered with tiles or pavers is perfect.

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Are you Australia wide?

No we are not. NSW only at this stage. Kitchens cabinets ( not stone) could  be freighted interstate if required but the process is not recommended as it is not cost effective.

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Will you organize Plumbers and Electricians for us?

We can give you names of trades people we recommend if you want and you can organize for the connections to be done and to pay them direct.

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