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Kastell is considered one of Australia’s leading Outdoor Kitchen companies.

Designing the perfect Alfresco Kitchen for your home comes naturally to us..

Designs to suit and home and budget…we even have DIY models!

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Who We Are

A family business, established in 1984, and primarily designing indoor Kitchens, we decided back in 2005, to expand into the world of the Alfresco Kitchens. Kastell Outdoor Kitchens has earned its wings and we are now known for our excellence in the design and manufacture of outdoor kitchens that are sure to impress your family and friends. The Alfresco area ha s become an integral part of the Australian way of life. Gone are the formal dinners of past as people now embrace their time away from the office and indoor work places and have decided that a trolley BBQ will simply not do.

We have created designs that include pizza ovens, fridges, sinks, dishwashers, teppinyaki plates, kegs…..the choices are endless…

Kastell can custom design – there are no limitations to what we can do and are not restricted to modules! We have models for the budget conscious as well in our recently introduced DIY range. We feel confident that you will be impressed with our work and our expertise and knowledge.

Our Custom Ranges

Let one of our Designers talk to you about your individual needs. The options are endless. We can work with you to create an Outdoor Kitchen area that suits your lifestyle. Want a pizza Oven? No problem. Want a dishwasher and a fridge for all your beer? That’s easy. You maybe prefer a teppanyaki plate rather than a traditional hooded BBQ. Or you want both? Just talk to us and we can design something spectacular based on budget and space.


Our DIY Ranges

Our DIY Range is for the budget conscious and suited to the home handy person. Available for Factory Pick Up with installation instructions. This range is unable to be modified and finishes are limited. 20 models currently available plus more being added in 2016 . We are able to offer them at a economical price. Prices start at under $4000. Introduced mid 2014, they have become a popular range!


Featured Kitchens

  • Alfresco Heaven

    This Kitchen was built & designed with Rolling Stone Landscapes. . The client wanted something
  • Natural Beauty

    Kastell worked with Landscape Architect, Site Design and their clients to create this lovely
  • Lovely Lime

    This outdoor Alfresco area was created for a young family who wanted to spend time with
  • BBQ Bliss

    This outdoor alfresco kitchen sits high and proud on a deck overlooking its leafy surrounds.


Unsure of how to go about getting a new Outdoor Kitchen and what to expect?

That’s common for most people! Check out our helpful FAQ’s guides so you know we will support you the whole way to get the kitchen your home and family deserves.
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This section of our website includes information that may be handy.

Downloadable PDF files that cover almost everything “Kitchen”
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